Working from home with frequent zoom meetings , what is the best internet plan ?

My boss says in zoom meetings I freeze a lot, lots of cuts when I speak and screen shows lots of pixels…we are 2 home I have 30 mbps using internet also to watch a movie in the evening. Which plan should I move to please?

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  • Pascal L. 40582
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    Try to verify that your computer is not running many apps at the same time. If you're on a PC, check the CPU (CTRL + Shift + Esc keys to bring up the Windows Task Manager). You should see if your CPU is at 100% utilisation and which application is hogging all the CPU.

    If that is not the case, try to see if there are other activities on your network (boyfriend secretly watching "The Good Doctor" on Netflix :-) ) or other streaming.

    It could also be your Wifi signal that has interference, thus reducing the quality of the Wifi signal. Try at different times of day, or if possible, connect your computer directly to the modem/router using an ethernet cable (Cat5e/Cat6).

    Or you could always tell your boss to provide you a better computer :-D (just kidding)

  • vanigh
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    Have you tried zoom conferencing with your computer plugged in directly to Fizz router or your own router if you're using one?

    As Pascal mentioned, a lot of background network and CPU activity could slow down your zoom.


  • There are multiple factors that come into account of network and videoconferencing performance. The internet connection speeds are one factor. You mention you have the 30 Mbps download plan which has 10 Mbps upload. This is more than needed for the vast majority of the population.

    Watching Netflix HD resolution is around 4 Mbps (Netflix recommends 5Mbps) download. In reality, when you stream, the data comes in as clusters of data, so you may have 10 Mbps for 3 seconds, then nothing for 5 seconds, etc.

    Zoom/WebEx/Teams/Meet uses about 2 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload.

    So you are Ok with your current plan.

    So why are people saying your Zoom is cutting out? Could be the network latency (responsiveness of the network) but conferencing software is good to manage this. Your computer that hosts your Zoom could be responsible for choppy image since it is your CPU that converts your video image into a stream and sends it to the Zoom server. If you have other applications running and consuming CPU then Zoom on your computer would have to wait to get some CPU.

    You could also have some other activity on your local network that is hogging your bandwidth, such as any FTP transfers, torrents seeding, background iOS/Windows downloads, etc.

  • For your last paragraph which seems to be my case, what should I do ?

  • Thanks so much , both, for you time, analyse and suggestions🤗

  • On Google, i checked the speed test and my velocity is 23 mbps instead of the 30 mbps I am paying for, I can not reach anybody at fizz to have a technician come home and adjust my velocity…I tried messenger on Facebook…

  • SofiaSun
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    Seriously i prefer a lot the forfait 60, no freezing at all and right now you can have 120 for the price of 60 so why bother with 30 forfait speed. I had 60 for 9 months and i love it, and because i can have 120 for the same price i took it the 27 juin 2021. So good luck with your future forfait.

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