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It has been over 24 hours that my internet has been suspended. No option to pay manually despite several chat and ticket made.

Am i the only one dealing with this?

I have been trying to pay since wednesday. I dont believe they tries to pay because my bank doesnt see he attemot either.

And they are calling for patience. Well at this point i need a solution.


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  • Amish P.
    Amish P. Posts: 21 ✭✭
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    If it is a problem with the method of payment, then I had a similar issue once before.

    I activated a new credit card and fizz suspended my internet. So, I added the new card details. In doing so, there was an option to process the payment again. Once processed your internet should resume unless they paused the internet on their side. In my case, I had had a live chat through messenger, and they resumed my internet.


  • Pascal L. 40582
    Pascal L. 40582 Posts: 649 ✭✭

    The best solution is to pay on time. Saves everyone lots of headaches.

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