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Internet keeps dropping for few seconds at a time consistently this past month. Upgraded to 200mbps and doesn't seem to make a difference. Not sure what's going on here but it's making working from home very difficult. Will have to look into alternatives if this issue persists.

Has anyone else noticed internet dropping issues?

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    I experienced occasional cut too. Have you contacted them? They told me it was something with the network outside around my house and Vidéotron is suppose to do some work to change the cables...


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    I am in the same boat. Since moving, the Internet drops randomly and I have to restart the router everytime. I think the signal is unstable, because it can work a whole day and the next day it drop 4-5 times. I will have to call them.

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    I am having the same issues. It is intermittent and when it started happening, it was maybe once a week but now it is several times a day, the modem loses WAN connection and it will reconnect after 3-4 minutes and drop again 15 min later, and again and again. The best workaround is to unplug and replug the modem and then I can have maybe 1-2 hours without cuts. Talked to someone on the chat and they told me that people were supposed to do some work on the infrastructure and it could have impacts on my service but it should be fixed later. They did not want to give me an estimate of when....

    We are two people working from home and with this garbage reliability, if it is not fixed very soon I might just change ISP.

    Before that I was with videotron for many years and I had zero issues. It uses the exact same infrastructure so personally I suspect their modem to be faulty or cheap quality. It would be a funny coincidence that problems started on the network at the same moment I swiched ISP...

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