5G coming (Videotron has it in Montreal and Quebec city now)

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Fizz is next ? Can I say that ?

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  • André L. #16536
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    Fizz is a low cost, service with little to no bells and whistles. I would not count on it for the near future.


  • Don't forget that Videotron has offerings for different client segments (commercial, residential wanting the full packages and features, perks to lure new customers from competitors, etc.). I would think that Videotron will allow Fizz on its 5G when it will have become a commodity, but that's just my opinion :-)

  • StefanM
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    At some point it will definitely trickle down to Fizz but I wager it will take some time. Who knows, Fizz is surprising us with premium features lately, so everything is possible. :D

  • I was wondering the same! 5G would be great!

  • kokoboko
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    for what do we need 5G? lte works great. we need wifi calling and volte first.

  • Fizz will definitely be in the last one to get to 5G.

    You want to high end service ! Pay for it !

    And it's not here.

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