how do I transfer my number from Rogers et my account is still active with them but I lost my SIM?


I am back from 2 years in Australia. While that time, I kept my account with Rogers active to retain my number. In the mean time, I lost my Rogers SIM card. I now wish to transfer my number to Fizz. I made a first attempt of transferring, but obviously did not receive any message from Rogers for me to accept the transfer. How do we work around this issue?

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    Maybe try to call Rogers to see if there is a way to overcome not receiving the text message to authorize the port out.

    Otherwise, go to a Roger store and ask for a new SIM card (if they are busy and you tell them you will swap the SIM card online, they will probably just hand out one to you without charging you the 10-15$ fee). Then you swap your sim online in your rogers account and you will be able to receive the text message to authorize the transfer to Fizz.


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    If you can Rogers directly, they should be able to unlock it, otherwise get them to send you a new SIM for your old number and you should be able to get the transfer SMS.

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