Delivery Fizz sim card failed

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Dear supportdesk,

Thank you for the answer by email but the buyer is not responsible for the delivery failures.

I paid Fizz (fulfilled my obligations) for 2 sim cards and transport costs, so I expect from a legal point of view that Fizz and the transporter are accountable for solving the problems and delivering the sim cards!

We have two options:

- Or Fizz arranges that the second sim card (a new one or arrange it with the transporter)

- Or refund one sim card

Please let me know within the upcoming 2 days what the next steps will be undertaken by Fizz supportdesk. I'm looking forward to your answer. .

Kind regards,


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    Hi @Pedro_Napoleon

    We are a forum of users just like you. Unfortunately we cannot help you in this regard. Usually Fizz sends you two new SimCards and refunds the money. One option is also to head to a Couche-Tard, buy two SimCards and reach out to Fizz Support to initiative a refund.

    You can contact support under My Settings --> Contact Forms --> Green Chat Bubble.

    If the bubble doesn't appear or is faulty, please use incognito mode or change the browser. Hope this helps :)

    Bonne Chance


  • Thank you Bonne,

    I solved this matter. Thank you for the advice

    Kind regards

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    all's well that ends well

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