Mobile upgrade for a $2 rebate only appears as a $1 rebate

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I received an email detailing my latest mobile rewards that shows I have an upgrade for a $2 rebate on my mobile account. However when I log in to manage my upgrades there is only a $1 rebate available. Has anyone else run into this problem? If so, how did you resolve it? Is it just the wrong graphic showing the $1 value and when you add that to your active upgrades did you actually get a $2 rebate?

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  • Jorge C. #7735
    Jorge C. #7735 Posts: 90 ✭✭
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    Yeah, I also got an email, check on the Internet side. I think the 2 dollars is an Internet upgrade

  • cw61
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    Thanks Jorge...that's exactly what the $2 rebate is, even though I don't have Fizz internet and it isn't even available in my area. Mystery solved. Thanks again!


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