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Hi. I have been waiting for my sim card but it turns out that it was returned to the sender last week. However, I received no refund and I can't reach Fizz' support center to ask where my refund is.

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  • StefanM
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    Fizz is usually quite responsive via live Chat. If you can’t open the live chat, try a different browser, incognito mode or switch from desktop to mobile (or vice-versa). As mentioned another solution would be to contact them on Facebook or WhatsApp.

    They will refund you the money, no worries. I think the best option for you right now would be to go to a Couche-Tard (in Québec) and buy a simcard.


  • Zenthar
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    Have you contacted them using Facebook or WhatsApp? The chat isn't "live", it can take a few hours for then to respond. If you don't want to wait for a new card to come, you can get one in many locations (, but they won't give you the card for free just because Fizz didn't reimburse your previous one yet as they have no way to check.

  • Pete
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    I also find Fizz always available via Chat.

  • Panagiotis A.
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    You can also chat with them through Facebook! Hope that helps!

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