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I"ve been with Fizz with a month, and everything works fine, but since this morning, my network is down. No signal on my Iphone. I tried to reset my phone and restart it, but i don't have a signal again. The fizz network is ON so i'm suposed to have a connection.

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  • E S.
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    Try restarting your phone but yeah I agree with the above post contact Fizz via the website or FB if restarting doesn't work.


  • abe
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    hi i feel sorry about that, have you set the correct APN on your phone?

  • Pete
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    Contact Fizz by Chat or Facebook

  • Try reseting your network settings.

  • kokoboko
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    the best is to check with another phone.

  • Lifaite
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    Mon numero de telephone est en mode avion

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