My data is not working and I don’t know why.

Marwa Posts: 2

Hey, my monthly payment wasn’t successful last week but I rectified it the very next day. The payment went through successfully but I still can’t use my data, is there any reason why? Thank you

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  • Pete
    Pete Posts: 189
    Accepted Answer

    Try contacting Fizz by Facebook.


  • abe
    abe Posts: 5

    hi, i feel sorry about that, but i have a similar issue with my internet, i asked fizz by chat mid may, but they're still working on it

  • Marwa
    Marwa Posts: 2

    Okay thanks! If they ever get back to you please let me know. I have no idea when and how I can directly connect with an employee and it’s been like that for almost a week now :/

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