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    Hi @Daan

    yes of course, actually everything is managed remotely (from a distance) with Fizz. You could buy the SIM card in store but not if you are quarantined (unless a local friend delivers it to you after buying it in store ).

    But you need :

    You'll know if your credit card and delivery address are accepted when you will order your sim card. The steps are at the page and detailed as follows:

    1. Go to the Fizz subscription page.
    2. Create an account by entering your name, email and password.
    3. Enter the number of SIM cards you wish to order (If you want multiple plans you can order more than one SIM — for example, for your spouse or your kids.)
    4. Enter your home/service address (this address must be within the Fizz coverage area).
    5. Add your delivery address (if different from your home/service address).
    6. Select your shipping method.
    7. Enter your payment information and click Submit.
    8. ... When you receive your SIM card, visit to activate your sim card

    Bienvenue au Québec!


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    Oooooookay...that's awkward...

    For those wondering if I like answering in the dark, the question was about Daan freshly arrived in Qc but quarantined in a hotel and looking to get a mobile account. Apparently, the question was edited out before I summitted my answer. Just realizing all this now...

    Don't be shy Daan 😊

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    Thx for the answer.

    I removed it because i thought that i sended it wrong.

    Sorry :)

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