Referral Code - When ordering a phone and a sim at the same time

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I've referred my mother to fizz, and when we ordered the sim and phone there was no place to add the referral code. I'm wondering if I will be asked for the code when activating the sim card or if fizz failed to include this when you order a phone. I have done the process with my dad, but he already had a phone, so he only needed sim card. When ordering a sim card, it does ask for the referral code.

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    The sim order has a referral code field but so does the order summary of the PLAN activation .

    I do not know why the SIM order has one when the FAQ explicitly says the field must be filled upon plan confirmation:

    A referral code must be entered when the person is activating their plan.


    So don't despair that step is coming. And welcome to Fizz 🤗

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