New purchased phone not appearing in "Order History"

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Yesterday, I purchased a Fizz phone through Paybright and everything seemed to work fine. I wanted to track the shipment of my phone, but for some reason, the purchase does not appear in Fizz's order history and there is not trace or confirmation from Fizz that I actually purchased the phone, I only have the confirmation from Paybright. Can someone tell me if this is normal ? If it is, how can I track my package ?

Thank you !

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  • StefanM
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    As @Idefizz correctly mentioned, tracking only becomes available once the phone is on its way. The only thing I can imagine is that that Fizz is still waiting for confirmation from Paybright. It could also be a simple display error. best thing would probably be to reach out to support directly. They are able to pull all the information directly.

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