Is there a way to contact Fizz other than the chat?

RBrown Posts: 1

I have been trying to get into contact with Fizz for technical help for days now. and the only way I can is the chat. Every time I message them there, it is a different serviceperson tell me the same things regarding my poor network service and I would just like to talk to one person who can help me.

My internet connectivity is very poor and keeps dropping, I am only getting about 30-40Mbps down (my plan is for 120Mbps) about a third of the time, and the other two thirds of the time it drops to about 0.5-5Mbps. I am extremely frustrated and just want to talk to someone who doesn't just say it is scheduled maintenance or to restart my modem again.


  • Idefizz
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    Fizz is 100% online, with a keyboard only. Unfortunately you cannot "talk" to them.

  • StefanM
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    As @Idefizz correctly pointed out, unfortunately you can only talk to them online.

    One advice I can give you: Use the Fizz modem (CODA) in bridge mode and get your own router. CODA modems are notoriously unstable. I purchased a WIFI 6 Router and consistently get more than the advertised speed.

    I know this answer might not be ideal, but it is usually the best way to ensure good speeds and connectivity.

  • vanigh
    vanigh Posts: 258

    You can also email them.

    As Stephan mentioned, get a reliable router if you're using WiFi. many of us use our own routers for WiFi.

    The wifi on Fizz modems are not very reliable, direct cable connection is better.

    You can find a used good router on the internet for a cheap.

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