Internet not working

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I tried everything. I checked "my plans" my home internet is not there just my mobile plan paid for. I unplugged everything, did the factory reset. The modem just keeps flashing forever. Don't need ethernet cable, checked coaxial cable. I tried making a new account for the wifi but the address is already in use by me but I can't get in


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    If the modem is flashing this can mean that you do not have the signal

    however, if you do not have the internet plan, is it possible that you used a different email?

     Or contact the support

    1- Connect to your Fizz account (if you have more than one, connect to the one that has the problem) by clicking « Login » in the top right corner at

    2- Click on this link:

    3- The green chat bubble should appear after a few seconds in the bottom right corner.


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