Power came back after HydroQuébec intervention .. but not Fizz Internet

Pkéké Posts: 1


HydroQuébec made an intervention in my neighborhood today, and when power came back, about 2 hours ago, Internet stayed down.

Fizz modem lights are all green, but when doing speed test, I get an error that upload won't work.

Contacted support via chat and they tried to reset my line several times - each time they did a reset, it looked like Internet came back for a second, but they wouldn't tell me much more, so I don't know if the reset worked for just a few seconds, or if multiple resets fixed then broke the link again.

I performed several modem restarts, both hardware restarts (power plug removed, waited a minute, re-plugged) and via Fizz app restart, but nothing changes: modem seems fine, Wifi local network is fine, but Internet connection is down - and no news from support since that "I tried to reset your line but nothing works, please change the power outlet on which your modem is plugged".

Tried to contact them on messenger, got a warning. Not sure what to do next.

Thanks for the help!

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