Intermittent loss of connection

LaurieP Posts: 1


Since yesterday my internet keeps going down at around 5h-5h30PM.

All the lights on the modem are active, I’m connected but can’t connect to the internet (wifi and ethernet). I have tried unplugging the modem, at first it works, then it goes down again for a while.

Yesterday I got it working again around 8h pm , it worked all night and all day today to have it go down again tonight around the same time.

Coincidentally, I’ve changed my plan to go with the 120mbps offer on monday, around 5h15 pm. Could it be related?


  • Maze
    Maze Posts: 2

    I just lost internet right now as well. Second time this week. How does this keep happening?

    Location : downtown

  • vanigh
    vanigh Posts: 258

    Few had Internet connection interruptions yesterday, looks like it was from Videotron.

  • Zenthar
    Zenthar ⭐ REFERRAL CODE: ► EH1I7 ◄ CODE RÉFÉRENCE ⭐Posts: 216

    When you say lights are active, what are their state because they can have different states; I believe from top to bottom it should be (all solid, no blinking): green, blue, blue, green. Also, when such an event occur, if you are a tad tech-savy, try doing a ping/tracert to (Google DNS), it could be a DNS outage which would have similar symptoms to internet outage.

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