cannot use my data

I transferred my number a few hours ago, but I cannot use my data

I can receive phone calls.


  • Idefizz
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    Hello @whenuleanonme

    have you set your APN settings?

    The whole procedure with video is at

  • PcD
    PcD Posts: 14

    Same thing for me, I follow all the APN procedure, doesnt work, only 3G with sms and calls

  • I've already checked it, there is no problem in the APN setting.

  • SamB
    SamB Posts: 2

    Having same issue in my iPhone X. Transfered last night, followed APN instructions but no updates available. Tried SIM in 2 different phones, same issue. I opened a ticket with customer support.

  • PcD
    PcD Posts: 14

    Same thing for me, with android TCL 10 Pro, ticket opened, since last night, nothing since. I think of returning back with Fido.

  • PcD
    PcD Posts: 14

    I chat with the customer support and they are aware of the problem with new activation and data not working. They are working on it

    In french:

    Réponse du clavardage:

    L'équipe spécialisée est déjà en cours d'investigation concernant la situation liée au données mobiles et nous allons revenir vers vous via courriel avec plus de détails.

    Un délai précis n'est pas disponible étant donné le fait qu'il peut varier en fonction de la complexité de chaque situation mais je vous assure que les équipes techniques font de leur mieux afin de résoudre la situation au plus vite possible.

  • SamB
    SamB Posts: 2

    Just got a response from technical support on my ticket, everything functional now on my phone!

    “I kindly wish to inform you that our technical department addressed the situation that you brought into our attention and your mobile data should be fully functional now.

    In order to re-establish the connection with the network, please reboot your device, make sure it is connected to the Fizz network, test your mobile data and let us know if it properly works.”

  • Olga
    Olga Posts: 1

    Same thing for me, I transferred the existing number to Fizz and no matter what I do the mobile data is not working. And I can't use the option to resend the configuration settings to my Android. Only manual option and everything is correct there.

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