Can i buy the wifi router and place it in my truck for work ?

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I want to hook up internet to my truck for work, of course i have a solar panel, batteries, inverter and all that stuff but will it work ? From some youtube videos it was used to be closer to a pc or something like that and hooked up using a coaxial. I want it to be the primary/only wifi access on the route in my working truck.


  • CharlesBourcier
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    By the way i checked with others ISP close to me and none seems to do that stuff anymore (LTE chips for cars.) Fizz seems to be the only way but i want to know if it works before buying you know...

  • Dgjf
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    You have to buy a router with a sim card and use a mobile plan.

    The internet is by coaxial so he can not work if you are moving you need a cable.

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