Usage report inconsistencies

ValentinMTL Laval, QCPosts: 54

I looked at my usage report a few times, and there are things that make no sense to me. Maybe someone can explain

Nearly all my incoming calls are marked "outside coverage zone ". For most of them, I was in Laval, so that is definitely in the coverage zone, and for all of them I was in Quebec, which is my coverage zone. Not sure what it means.

Not sure why, but they are displaying my phone number for incoming calls. It would be much more useful to see the Source number.

My outgoing calls to Toll-free numbers seem to be marked as "Wallet". Sure, they are free, but still weird.

All data usage is marked as Local, even data usage on Fizz-ext.


  • StefanM
    StefanM * Code référence/referral code 50$ -> ALXMQ *Posts: 1,054

    Okay, that seems indeed a bit strange. You weren’t actually charged when it indicated Portefeuille, correct? I would definitely reach out to chat support, just to be on the safe side. Maybe they can explain as to what is going on.

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