2FA SMS for Twitter registration: Is it supposed to work?

Today, I tried to create a new account on Twitter and was blocked because I never received the SMS even after 3 attempts.

I am receiving SMSs from other sources, so I can only think of 2 reasons:

1- An issue with Twitter (ex.: SMSs were never sent out)

2- A compatibility issue between Fizz and Twitter.

There are some old threads in the forums and I understand Fizz was working on adding support. And since I don't see any recent threads reporting this issue, I am hopeful this is fixed.

It would be nice if someone "in the know" could share the list of service providers which use SMS that

1- are supposed to work

2- do not work yet but are planned

3- that are unlikely to ever work




  • Cailyer
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    Did you port your number recently? Don't have a phone with Fizz but I had the same problem when I ported my ip line to a mobility provider.After a while it started to work.
    I had SMS problems with web services for two-factor authentication, but also with my cousin strangely ... :) and for others it worked.

  • I moved this number from Rogers over 8 months ago.

  • Cailyer
    Cailyer Posts: 7

    Definitely not the same problem as me...

  • Idefizz
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    Fizz does not have SMS 2FA implemented for everybody. But like you I'd presume Twitter's would work.

    Some text messages sent by businesses such as 2-step verification messages may not be sent to your phone properly. 

    We continue to gradually roll out this type of service so that it operates optimally with as many companies as possible.

    Source: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/i-cant-send-or-receive-text-messages

    Usually this happens with banks and the solution is have Fizz add them by chatting with Fizz...

  • Thank you for this information. I will contact the Fizz support desk.

    I consider this forum thread still unanswered as no one answered if Twitter is supposed to work.

    And I still don't know if I will have problems for other services. Why make us waste time? Just publish what is supported and reduce pointless support requests.

    A related example from Wise.com (An online bank of sorts where they publish most of their roadmap): https://wise.com/gb/blog/introducing-the-wise-product-roadmap

    Best regards,

  • Dgjf
    Dgjf Code de référence/Referral code: BS7M5Posts: 2,928

    I use twitter and for me its work without problem.

    But you can create a twitter account with an email adress too. But they require a phone number its true.

    For me all my verification code like no problem including twitter and microsoft team for example.

    I hope the support can help you.

  • So...

    An odd and interesting turn of events: I tried again just now to create the same Twitter account as yesterday.

    1- I was able to register just with an email and no SMS (definitely a change of behavior)

    2- After my Twitter account was functional, I decided to push my luck and add my Fizz number, and the SMS worked.

    Most odd...

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