fizz technician must call me before installation

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I want Fizz technician to call me before he arrives to do the installation.

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  • Luddy
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    Hi Rashed,

    I can confirm that the technician will call you before he arrives at your home. I just got my internet installed last week. The technician called me and said that he would be arriving in 30 minutes.... and he did. He gave me my modem and he tested the Videotron line. I installed the modem myself. It was very easy to do. I have not had any issues with the Internet service. It's very stable compared to my previous ISP.


  • StefanM
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    In my case they called me when they came to install but that was over two years ago. I think the best would be to reach out to support and ask them whether they can arrange it ( My settings —> Contact Forms —> Green Chat Bubble). Bonne chance :)

  • Dgjf
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    He should call but to be sure juste contact the support with ? Or facebook messenger :)

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