how to get 120/20 internet for 50$ ?

i have right now 120/20 and pay 60$.

Fizz sent me an email telling me that i could pay only 50$ for the same speed.

In order to pay only 50$ for 120/20, my intention is

1) to change my plan to 60/??

2) And change again back to 120/20 after 48 hours before July 15.

Fizz support, please confirm if my way is correct, approved ?


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  • Hoang T. #38498
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    Fizz support told me that i don't need to do that, just "edit my plan" with the same speed and the new price will apply.

    Fizz support did that for me and i did nothing!

    Thank you Fizz support!!!


  • Raphaël
    Raphaël Posts: 8

    Fizz is the best 👍💪

  • Faelirya
    Faelirya ~* 3B1EA *~Posts: 258

    Yes indeed. You just had to change your plan =) that's cool they changed it for you

  • no, i can't change my plan, it was already 120/20. they said i should "edit my plan", and didn't try yet!!!

  • Dgjf
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    Just edit and reselect 120. If its dont work choose 200 and rechoose 120 immediatly after.

  • Mohamad F.
    Mohamad F. Posts: 2

    As of today at least, when you go to Adjust plan, you see the offer to change price right away and don't have to select anything but that and confirm. it took all of 10 seconds to complete.

  • when i clicked Adjust plan, it showed several plans, and the new price at the bottom.

    I clicked Save, and it gave me an error message " you didn't change your plan, nothing to save!!!!"

  • Kaldra_De_Clarion
    Kaldra_De_Clarion LavalPosts: 1

    I had a similar issue when I tried getting the deal on my Chromebook. But then I tried with my phone app, and the promo plan was available. Thought I would share.

    Not sure why the web page and the app are different.

  • so i wasn't on the moon , lol

  • Faelirya
    Faelirya ~* 3B1EA *~Posts: 258

    Did you all manage to make it work ? =) Or is there still an issuer?

  • as i said, fizz support did that for me. I did nothing.

  • Taindra
    Taindra Posts: 1

    For some reason I've been trying to get the promotion applied and it's not possible from my profile

  • I kept getting an error message when I tried to change my plan to 120mpbs for $50 (I currently have the 60mpbs plan). I kept trying and it finally worked. When I look at my current plan it still says 60mpbs, but did it mention the new plan would only take effect at the next billing date, so I hope this did actually work...

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    or try with another browser

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