change wifi password and username

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how do I change my wifi password

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    Accepted Answer

    I believe you cannot change the username, cusadmin. But you can change the wifi name also known as SSID.

    To change the password, here is one method:

    1. Open a web browser on any device and navigate to:
    2. Connect using the following information:
      1. Username: cusadmin
      2. Password: xxxxxxxx (enter the new password you selected during initial configuration)
    3. Navigate to to the following section to make any changes:
      1. Wireless → Basic Settings → 2.4GHz → set password at bottom left
      2. Enter password and click on "Save Changes" button

    If you forgot it, the following page says how,, in order:

    The original password is in the back of your modem if you haven't changed it yet:


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