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Jalal Z.
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Hi I just upgrade my internet to 120 mbps from 60 mbps . Do i receive new modem or the same modem can handle new speed? Thanks

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  • itsmrjuju
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    The same modem can handle the new speed! Hope this helps you :)

  • Idefizz
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    Good for you and, no, you do not need another modem.

    There is one and only one modem at Fizz. It supports all speed Fizz sells.

    More on Fizz modem, the Hitron CODA 4680, at https://fizz.ca/en/wi-fi-technologies . Although

    Mind you, some clients saw that when coupled with a very old router, the speed could be limited by the router. This is a rare case.

  • Jalal Z.
    Jalal Z. Posts: 8
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  • Locochoco
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    It's the same model. It takes about 24h until the changes are made and you get to enjoy your new speed 🤙🤙

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