Help! How do i earn the #datafeedscommunities badge?

ColinCreado Hochelaga, Montreal, QC 9RGHC for data gifts thankyou!!Posts: 123

Says i need to gift data to someone specific? i do not understand... can someone clarify?

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    The Grand Gifter badge was given out for the "You gift data. We gift food." event

    It is a past and quite unique event, not one of the regular badges that you can unlock anymore.

    On May 14 2020, Fizz sent this email to all eligible participants.

    Thanks. You’re a Grand Gifter.

    If you donated data

    We did it together

    Thanks to your overwhelming generosity, we reached our data gifting goals.

    On behalf of you and our amazing Fizz community, we’re donating $50,000 to Regroupement Partage. Isn’t that just grand … uh, 50 grand?

    The Grand Gifter.

    As promised, your special gifter badge along with 25 bonus My Rewards points were added in your Fizz account.


  • Hi!

    Exactly, you just need to gift data to a person in specific and every 1 Gb will result in money for the cause.

    You just have to find someone you wish to give data. There is no option where you can give data randomly to a stranger, so you have to find a person you know or at least enter the fizz number of a customer in order to complete the gift.

    Once it's completed, it should in fact grant you the badge.

    Hope it helped!

    Have a nice day!