Can't receive SMS.

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I just moved my SIM card to a new phone (the previous phone is broken) and I'm unable to receive SMS. I can make/receive calls, I can send SMS just fine but not receive them.

How can I fix this?


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    Which phone model is it? The it’s Idefizz listed are a good starting point. If all of this fails and the phone is compatible with the Fizz network (which apparently it is), contact support. They might be able to help you! Bonne chance :)

  • Ap1
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    I've tested further since I have access to two phones on Fizz including the problematic one. Here's an overview of the situation.

    SIM1 | Xiaomi Mi 9T

    SIM2 | Initially in an iPhone 6 (broken), SIM transferred in the Xiaomi Mi 9T temporarily, then transferred in a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10

    SIM1: Tested working in both phones for SMS in and out.

    SIM2: Tested on both phone, same situation: Calls in/out are OK, SMS out is OK but SMS in doesn't work.

    Both SIMs have been active and working fine for more than 1 year.

    I have restarted the phone, configured the SMSC, etc.

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    If there is no software block, and the non-reception is from different senders then I'd suggest you chat with Fizz.

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