I registered to Fizz before May 30th but didn't get 5G... only got 3

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Hello, I want to make sure the 2 extra gigs will be added to my account since I registered before May 30th

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  • StefanM
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    As already mentioned. The 5GB extra will be made available to you in the next couple of weeks. The promotion period is still active until end of May. Beginning June we should start seeing them distributing the bonus data. Welcome to Fizz. Happy to have you :)


  • Faelirya
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    They did not distribute the 5 go yet. So I'm not sure where your 3 gb come from if not from your plan or perks. Donation maybe ?

    (1) The mobile subscription must be active before May 30, 2021. Five perks of 1 GB each will be automatically deposited in the account of all active Fizz mobile members within 60 days of that date. The Terms and Conditions of the My Rewards program apply.

  • Idefizz
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    Your 3GB are from your actual mobile plan.

    The 5GB are five 1GB "perks" that will given by Fizz in the next 2 months following your subscription. Your mobile plan must then be active upon receival of that one time gift.

  • Dgjf
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    Its an unique 5Go not a reccurent one so you will not receive 2 more but a flat 5Go.

    And we will get it next month :)

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