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I wanted to invite couple of friends to Fizz by email since they are not on social media, the only email invitation available is outlook? my friends have G mail, yahoo, and Hotmail.

What other options do i have, buddies are not on social media, Facebook or otherwise.

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    Right, sorry about that. I do not know of another email solution.

    But there is a way to build a link to the site using ?ref=<your_referral_code> although I'm not sure if if works up until the activation step and fills the referral code field. For instance (me) it would be (don't make the mistake of using mine... or please do the mistake hahahaha 😉 )

    That said, seems to me the difficulty you're facing is more in convincing them than having a nicely built email. I'd suggest you use the sales points of the following Fizz' promo page , namely what makes Fizz different in the combination of:

    • mobile: the Data rollover and Data gifting are quite unique
    • internet: unlimited data with no installation charge. If they need 120Mbps, the current 50$ promo is quite difficult to beat.
    • Cheap price
    • but still using Videotron's infrastructure.

    Talk about your own experience and be honest. For my part, I'd never suggest Fizz to tech-challenged people who absolutely have to talk to a human, unless I'm ready to help them myself.


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    Hello @vanigh

    Just sign in your account.

    Click "Invite Friends"

    Click "Reveal my referral code"

    Click "Email" and continue the process


    I find simpler to coach them by sending the code and the registration page because it is easy to miss the referral code field.

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    As i mentioned there is only MS Outlook option, if one doesn't have MS Outlook then they can't get email invite.

    I'm trying to convince and help them migrate to Fizz but some are skeptical of change...

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