If you have perks that you won't use I would appreciate it

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Since I have no datas in my plan, perks given by Fizz are the only gift that I can receive. (I can't receive data from your plan).

If you have perks that are gonna expire, I would gladly take them!

Thanks !


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    If you are really tight on cash, but have time to micromanage your account, you can also bump up your plan for one month, and benefit from data rollover.

    For example, adding 1GB to a plan with no data is $6 per GB.

    Keeping it for three months (3GB total) costs $18.

    If instead you get 3GB for a single month, it will cost $11 ($3.66/GB). A saving of close to 50%.

    And you will still have the data for the next two months via the data rollover feature.

    Need more data? One month at 10GB, costs you 21$ or $2.10 per GB.

    Load up, and then glide for a couple of months...

    Lather, rinse, repeat...

    Or figure out how to use Wi-Fi more often...

    Or what level of data actually works for you...

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