How long does it take to free up a home address for an other account to signup for home internet?

marc T. 77410
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Yesterday I signed up to Fizz home internet with the wrong account, Fizz customer support told me to cancel the subscription and signup on my other account. It's been a couple hours but my profile still says "Activation Pending" even after I cancelled the subscription and the installation request.

Not only that when trying to signup on my proper account I get a message saying that an other subscriber is already at this home address and it can't be used.

How long is it going to take for "Activation Pending" to go away?

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  • Fizzy
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    Hi, your change should take effect within 24 hours.

    So please check and try again tomorrow.

    If the situation persists after 24 hours, you can contact Fizz support.

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