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The past few days I have been receiving "unstable internet connection" while using the internet. I have the 60mbps plan, but my webpages have been loading slowly and I have been having difficulties connecting to Zoom meetings.

Would there be a way for me to contact a customer service representative about this?

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    You can use the regular chat/messenger functions, explained on this page:

    I would start with Videotron speedtest and dslreports speedtest to get a sense of your connection speed.

    Zoom instability could be caused by competition for your internet connection, as the bufferbloat (aka latency/jitter) is far worse than it needs to be. Updates or A/V definitions downloading automatically could disrupt the flow.

    The first thing to do would be to check for a stable connection.

    Technical support can tell you how the modem connection has been performing, but you need to go through chat/messenger.

    You can get some of the technical details here:

    The short answer is that can't control latency/jitter on the Fizz modem without a separate router.

    But they could if they chose to.

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