increase 3$ to my previous plan

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I received notice that will be increased 3$ in 30 days, in fact I am with FIZZ more than 2 years , at begnning 20$ with the test price and promised won't increase the charge for life but still increased 3$ to 23.4$, that time I didn't discuss with you, but can't accept increase again, all my family use FIZZ include internet, I am your loyal customer , you can help to check fom your side the time I open the account and what the policy you have at the begnning , also I invite few my friends to you

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    Hello @yanyi

    Like other early adopters who got a similar notification you are unhappy about that increase. It is very understandable; nobody expects such unpleasant surprise. Nonetheless, isn't it still cheap? It still leads you at a rate lower than the current ones . I'm changing my plan and will get a higher fee...

    I'm very curious to see the said promise of no increase for life. Is there a link or snapshot of that policy? Because, don't take it the wrong way, the following page (and it's footnote that applies to your situation) seems to differ from your statement : .

    On top of that, it says

    But to thank you for your patience and collaboration, you get to keep the price you are paying now until early 2020.

    So even the increase was delayed.

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