is it legal to raise the price for plan?

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you are acting highly

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    Do people like price increases? No

    Is it necessary? Depends

    If you are still on one of the old beta plans at some point you must expect them to raise the price. Fizz is a company like any other.

    Do the maths. Are they still cheaper than the competition? If yes, stick around you are still saving money. If not, what’s holding you here?


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    Ho boy! Can you please use polite language. Here is a public forum of users.

    You shall contact the customer service by chat.

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    Do we have a fixed term contract: no therefore they can raise price whenever they want.

    We are also allowed to leave whenever we want without penalty so it's at their advantage to keep prices low and we didn't have to purchase the cable modem so even less incentive to stick around.

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    YEs its legal. Capitalism and inflation is the world we live in. Your wage go up every years so its normal to the price to follow the same path :)

    So true Fizz is a per month service so no long term contract each month can have a different price no problem :)

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    It is. But you must be advised in advance

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