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I did not get the confirmation email when creating my account :-(

This morning I ran out of data, since I did not get the 75% or 90% data usage. I guess I would have had to confirm my email before receiving these warnings ?

Last post I saw was in 2019, it there today a resend button somewhere ?

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  • Zenthar
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    I'd definitely rely on your phone's own monitoring (built-in on Android, I'm sure iOS has something similar) which can wan you when you reach a certain point and even turn-off data at another to prevent surcharge (not applicable for Fizz) or to keep some data in case of emergency like accessing google map if lost).


  • Kittycat182
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    Hello there!

    I would suggest to you to download the application. When you log in, you go to settings, go down the page and you will see you can change your email and lower you can select to be contacted this way.

    Also, in you phone settings, when you go and see your data, there should be an option to receive a notification when you reach x go (you can select when to be notified).

    Hope it was helpful!

  • Kittycat182
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    Here is a screenshot to help

  • Fuego67
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    I did that thank you. I just wondering if after this change, password reset link will be sent to the mobile or still to the email address ?

    As it stands right not, I'm not receiving any emails from Fizz :-(

    Thanks again for your help

  • M T. #12340
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    Fizz is full of bugs all over the place.

    You can not rely on Fizz warning.

    You need to verify yourself on your phone.

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