Why do Fizz freeze your account 2 days before the end of your plan.

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I want to tweak my plan beacuse I recently started doing food deliveries during the pandemic.

I realised to this uses a lot of data and I need more. By the end of my month, I go online the change my plan but I get told that I can't until next month!

Why do they do it?

This is exactly when people missing data or gonna look to increase their plan. Is it just so that they can sell you add-on twice the price for the month you are gonne need it the most?

Anyway, if anyone has extra data, I gonna need it for sure :)

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    Unfortunately Fizz only allows the changes to become active the next billing cycle. I agree that it is not the best way to do it but at the end the want to make a bit more money with add-ons (which is understandable from a business point of view).

    However, many people here are generally very generous. I suggest you also post on the French side und the data gifting category (if you haven't already done that ) Also create a new post under the Data Gifting Category here on the English side :)


  • Idefizz
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    I don't know the real reason but you have a good point; the end of the month can be critical for some.

    I can only guess it is about payment and credit card processes (fraud and security checks,...) combined to billing statuses and reward program calculations. But I'm no expert.

    If you need data there is a relatively new forum category you can ask for some now. Make sure you're not in incognito mode.

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    Other provider offer you alternative : effective immediately OR effective next billing. Fizz should learn from its competitor.

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