Why is my line still active with Fizz if it was successfully transferred to another company?

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Note that the line still works with the new company. I am being charged for nothing. Please help.

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    Did you keep your phone number?

    If not, did you specifically unsubscribe in your account?

    If so, did you answer within 90 minutes the text Fizz about the transfer authorization request ? As detailed in https://fizz.ca/en/faq/unsubscribe :

    • Once you completed your subscription with this new provider and requested the transfer of your Fizz number, you’ll receive via text messaging a transfer authorization request. This text MUST be answered within the prescribed time frame (90 minutes) to confirm your wish to transfer this number. 

    • If this text message remains unanswered, or if you answer after the prescribed time, your request to transfer your number will be cancelled. You will need to contact the other provider directly to initiate a new request. 

    • If you don’t receive the transfer authorization request by text messaging, contact the other provider directly to initiate a new request. If you still don’t receive anything with that second attempt, then contact our Customer Service team[...]

    Also note that Fizz is prepaid, so you will not be reimbursed prorate for the remaining of the month. See : https://fizz.ca/en/faq/unsubscribe#3


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    If understand @Abyaz correctly, the number was transferred to the new provider and the line with the new provider is active. In case of a transfer, the old account should be closed automatically.

    Please reach out to Fizz support directly to inquire about your problem.

  • DinoS
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    It may take a while for fizz to unsubscribe your line, when I ported out to other land line. I need contact support to unsubscribe myself. As well as get refund.

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