Any tips on how to level up fast thanks

new to fizz, enjoy the fun reward system for paying bills, was wondering if there is any fast track to getting a higher level? thank you for the help!

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    Here what I found from HugoLH

    Hope it helps ! :)

    Version française ici:


    • 1 point: Give a kudos to a user by clicking on the heart of an answer.

    • 3 points: Reply to a question on the Fizz community.

    • 5 points: Receive a kudos from a user that click on the heart of an answer to indicate that he/she likes it.

    • 5 points: Reply to a question that was published less than 5 minutes ago.

    • 10 points: Be the leader of the day.

    • 50 points: Be the leader of the week.

    • 50 points: Be active on the Fizz community during the month.

    • 50 points: Be selected as the best answer.
    • To complete



    • Level 1: You have acquired less than 1500 points.

    • Level 2: You have acquired more than 1500 points and less than 4500 points.

    • Level 3: You have acquired more than 4500 points and less than 9000 points.

    • Level 4: You have acquired more than 9000 points and less than 15 000 points.

    • Level 5: You have acquired more than 15 000 points and less than 22 500 points.

    • Level 6: You have acquired more than 22 500 points and less than 31 500 points.

    • Level 7: You have acquired more than 31 500 points and less than 42 000 points.

    • Level 8: You have acquired more than 42 000 points and less than 54 000 points.

    • Level 9: You have acquired more than 54 000 points and less than 67 500 points.

    • Level 10: You have acquired more than 67 500 points and less than ? points.

    • Level 11: To complete
    • To complete



    Note: It will take effect at the start of your next payment cycle and it is valid for two years from the date you apply it to your plan. Based on your level, you have a limit of 1 (levels 1 and 2), 2 (levels 3 and 4) or 3 (level 5) slots for upgrades, so choose wisely.


    • 100 Mo: You made it to level 1 and unlocked the 100 MB Mobile Data upgrade for your monthly plan that doesn't contain data. (For beta testers only.)

    • 200 Mo: You made it to level 4 and unlocked the 200 MB Mobile Data upgrade for your monthly plan that doesn't contain data.

    • 250 MB: You made it to level 1 and unlocked the 250 MB Mobile Data upgrade for your monthly plan.

    • 300 MB: You made it to level 5 and unlocked the 300 MB Mobile Data upgrade for your monthly plan.

    • 500 MB: You made it to level 2 and unlocked the 500 MB Mobile Data upgrade for your monthly plan.

    • Voicemail: You made it to level 3 and unlocked the Free Voicemail upgrade for your monthly plan.

    • Long distance calls: You made it to level 6 and unlocked the free long distance calls (in the country of your choice).
    • To complete



    • 500 MB: You signed up during the launching period of Fizz.
    • To complete



    • Newbie: You joined the Fizz community.

    • Amigo: You added someone to your Fizz contacts for the first time.

    • Tching Tching: You added some money in your wallet for the first time.

    • Touriste: To complete

    • Sundae: To complete

    • Chasseur: You referred 1 new member.

    • Heros: You gifted data to 1 friend.

    • Dinosaure: You are here since 1 month.
    • To complete

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    Accepted Answer

    Unfortunately the Rewards rules have changed in March 2021.

    Things can always change so take the following with a grain of salt:

    Basically no more kudos and other rule changes explained in

    Currently, the Rewards program policy does not specify how many points, only the actions that give them. I add our observations:

    Actions on the Community Hub that contribute to My Rewards progress.
    • 3pts by replying in a discussion thread
    • 50pts per activated monthly bonus
    • 50pts by obtaining the first "Accepted solution" (read "THE best answer") (except in categories "Break Room")
    • 50pts per Geek badge (except, apparently, Gurus)

    source: shared member experiences and

    For the levels you can get points elsewhere than in the forum:
    • 10pts for every $ spent paying a monthly plan
    • 3pts for every $ spent buying a mobile device (in fact it is a iota bit more than 3pts)
    • 100pts for the activation of a sponsored person, 200pts when this sponsored person pays their 2nd invoice (sponsorship: use of referral codes)


  • DinoS
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    I found refer more friends will let you get more points while getting some $ to cover monthly fee. You do need involve a lot in community though. Other than that , I just find it's very hard to get points in community now. Need 726 points to next level, but it's kind of mission impossible in these days.

  • JuanPa
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    With new system on forum, we can forget about fast leveling up, honestly...

  • StefanM
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    The new system in the forum made it harder to level up fast. However, keep in mind that Upgrades usually are valid for two years anyway. What’s the point in leveling up fast, collecting all the upgrades and subsequently not be able to use them before they expire? The new system can use some refinements for sure but I get this reason behind the change.

    Having said that, the only real way to level up is via active participation in the forum.

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    Thx for information! Very helpful! :D

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