How to get some points for next level award?

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In old days, it's easy to get points by doing post in community forum. Now looks like it's very hard and no points for the posting. Any official answer Fizz to explain Fizz's "reward system" ? It has to be a fair system and the levels are reachable. Now it looks like mission impossible to get 100 points.

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  • Albre404
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    There can you be one answer attribuated to get the 50 points.

    For example, if you select my last aswer or this one as the best answer to your question, I would get 50 points and I would realy appreciated it! :P

    You can see in the charts thats Idefizz, Fizzy and Dgjf are really active people in the community and anwser quickly to most answers, thus reducing your own chance the have an answer selected as best. (Seriously, you guys are doing a great job. I'm just teasing you :P)


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