How do I turn off NIP for voicemail?


I tried to turn off the NIP on my voicemail by following the steps on the voicemail. As soon as I hang up, if I call back my voicemail, they still ask me to enter my 4 digit PIN + # key. Someone found a solution?

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  • Idefizz
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    I'm surprised the voicemail systems suggests you can turn it off, especially considering that setting a weak password like 1234 is rejected. (

    The Change your PIN option in your account does not even have such option, it's seems only available in the voicemail. This is weird.

    Then again, considering you can access a voicemail by dialing their Fizz server number at 1-514-647-0999 from a non-Fizz phone, I'd suggest not to remove your password.

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