Buying a phone off Fizz

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Did any of you buy a phone off Fizz? Did it work as well as if you took it from another store with a contract? Or does the battery run out quickly?

What are your general impressions?

Thanks 🙂


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    I did not buy one yet but some descriptions had Videotron in them so my guess is that it's a subset of their inventory. So prime quality to me.

    As for battery duration, if you are referring to second hand units, well your miles may vary but usually it is fair to assume it will be of good quality.

    People who bought one and reported their story here mentioned they were way more happy with the device than then purchase process...

  • Dgjf
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    I buy the S20 FE from Fizz and the phone is a real Samsung so its work like any other samsun S20 FE (of the same model).

    No problem battery run solid for 2-3 days depending off my usage. The call is really clear and the mobile data really fast.

    So yes i really love the phone when you buy with Fizz it can be long before you get the phone (15-20 days event a month for some) but when you get its the phone is like he supposed to be.

    Some people get a bad working phone but its not a Fizz problem its append with all compagnie.

    When i change my phone in 5-6 years , if im still a Fizz member, i will buy another one no problem.

    Have a nice day :)

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