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if I remove an upgrade can I put it back after?

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    Hi estefano,

    If you remove an upgrade, you will have to wait until the next payment cycle before you reuse it again. By removing an upgrade, the upgrade will remain as pending removal until your next payment cycle. So in this case, you will need to wait until the following renewal cycle to be able to reapply the same upgrade or another one.

    To exchange upgrades without losing a month, you can swap them (instead of removing one). To start this process, click on an available upgrade you want to apply. Then click on the shaking/vibrating upgrade that is already in use and it will ask you if you want to confirm the switch/swap.

    Your upgrades can have any one of the following status:
    1. In use: you’re currently enjoying this upgrade every month. If you click on it, you’ll have the option to remove it from your plan.
    2. Pending activation: you chose to activate this upgrade, and it’ll be applied to your plan come your next payment cycle (and will, at that time, show the “active” status).
    3. Pending removal: this upgrade was active, and you chose to remove it from your plan, which will be done come your next payment cycle.
    4. Available: you can choose to activate it on one of your plans.

    More info can be found here: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/what-do-i-receive-my-rewards-program


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    Sure upgrade is good for 2 years you can activate it and desactivate it as mutch as you want.

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