Buying a phone from Fizz; shipping charge/time

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Looking to purchase a phone from Fizz. Anybody know what the shipping charge (if any) and how much time it takes to receive (Ottawa)? Thanks.

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  • Alfio
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    Finally found information regarding the shipping time (about 3 days it seems).

    Still looking for the cost of shipping a phone to Ottawa!

    [ been a way for a little while ... wow, response time on this support forum is not what it used to be]

  • Fizzy
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    Hi Alfio

    Standard shipping is included. Shipping time is usually 2 to 3 business days, but it can vary.

    "Fast delivery.  No need to travel. We offer free delivery to your door.3"

    More info can be found here:

    Here is what Fizz states: "The delivery date indicated on your order summary is meant as a guideline; shipping is done by a third party, and Fizz cannot guarantee a specific delivery date."


  • Alfio
    Alfio Posts: 393

    Thanks Fizzy. You're still around :-)

    Just the answer I was looking for. Yours should be the correct answer, however I accidently clicked on the NO. Sorry about that ... If you can just repost, I will select it as the correct answer.

  • Alfio
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    Just received my wife's phone via Fedex. We ordered it Saturday evening and received it Tuesday morning around 11. Only glitch was that on Monday, the item showing forecast delivery on Monday ... even though it had not yet been processed. Glitch in the Fizz ordering system I guess.

    No charge for shipping to Sittsville (Ottawa).

  • Idefizz
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    Thanks for the feedback! Not everyone got your experience. In order to help others who severely struggle with phone purchases, and if you do not find this too intrusive, would you care to share a bit details about your success story?

    • environment used like browser, OS, mobile vs desktop
    • paybright or not
    • item purchased

    Again do not share any info if you do not feel like it.

  • Alfio
    Alfio Posts: 393

    General Info:

    • Google Chrome
    • Desktop Windows 10
    • Credit card payment (no Paybright)
    • Ordered iPhone SE (we already have one for the other account... highly recommend, great value)

    Encountered Issues: After credit card information entered, no feedback provided. Did not see a receipt or anything to confirm purchase. After a few minutes, tried a 2nd time, and response was that the payment was declined. Meanwhile text message on our phone tells us that there is a purchase that was blocked, and should we accept our credit card provider to allow it. Of course, YES was the response. Entered credit card info on Fizz site for a 3rd time, and finally payment went through.

  • Idefizz
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    Third time's a charm 🙃 Many thanks for the feedback!! 🙌

  • Alfio
    Alfio Posts: 393

    One more thing.... Fedex dropped the package on our porch and ran off like wild-fire. No time for our signature I guess.

  • Dgjf
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    For me too no signature but he wait for me at the door. I ask and he tel me because of COVID we cant take signature at the moment. So the systeme auto sign the package even if you dont sign it.

    So no signature seem normal but the guy is suppose to wait to see you take the package

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