Will Fizz support National wide area code (416/647/289/226/604/205) soon?

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Anybody read the new CRTC mvno decision?

"Regional providers that invest in network infrastructure and spectrum will be able to offer competitive services to millions of Canadians as mobile virtual network operators in areas where competition is limited," the CRTC said.

"These companies have already been contributing to greater competition and helping to lower prices.


The move would apply to smaller companies with regional wireless networks, but who have thus far have not invested in creating national networks due to the prohibitive cost. Some companies that would theoretically qualify include Atlantic Canada's Eastlink, Quebec's Videotron, rural provider Xplornet, Ice Wireless in Canada's North and TBayTel in Ontario.

Will Fizz (Videotron) be able to provide 416/403/604 area code in toronto/vancouver/calgary soon?

I have a 416 number and never be able to port to Fizz (Videotron) before.

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    Hi Dino S.,

    There's a post about this on the French Community here: https://forum.fizz.ca/fr/discussion/2620246/decision-importante-du-crtc-attendue-demain

    Regional carriers that own towers and spectrum will now be permitted to buy national access at wholesale rates from the big three. The announcement was made yesterday and the news article correctly states that companies like Videotron would qualify. We will have to wait and see what actions Videotron and Fizz will take over the next few months. I'm sure there will be more news to come.


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