Hello, I am a current customer with Fizz internet in the process of looking for a new mobile provider. Does Fizz offer an internet/mobile package promotion?

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    Not per say but by paying an extra bill you will accumulate upgrades faster and open upgrade slots earlier too.

    And you'll get distinct upgrades on the mobile too (1$ or some MB depending on the level), so it's a point of view.

    You'll also have rebates in the phone store, provided you stay for 12 months (and such bill gives substantial points to progress for a new level, about 3pts per dollar spent).


  • Dgjf
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    Not really but you will get more Fizz reward point so you will get bonus faster.

  • StefanM
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    No, Fizz doesn’t offer any promotions. The company’s philosophy is that you always pay a fair price. However, the longer you stay with Fizz, the more you participate in the community, the higher you climb in their loyalty program and you will get nice upgrades, such as fee rebates and additional data.

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