How does paybright work? Do i pay interest?

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Hi there, i need a new phone and i see an option for paybright monthly payments. How does this work? do i pay interest and if so how much? And if i start it can i later clear my balance whenever i want? Thank you!

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    Hi Rose C.,

    You will find the info on PayBright here:

    You can click on the "Check my eligibility" button to see what type of financing you qualify for.

    The monthly payments are made directly to PayBright.

    Note that for some phone purchases, Fizz states you will need to keep a mobile plan for at least 12 months.

    After reading the articles, if you have any more questions, you can ask again here or contact Fizz support:

  • Fizzy
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    Here is some more info:

    • The payment plan over a 36-month period is only available for mobile phone purchases of $1 400 and up.
    • The monthly payments to PayBright will start 30 days following the phone’s purchase date.
    • The estimated monthly payment amount shown to you before you finalize your transaction excludes taxes.
    • The interest rates offered by PayBright may vary in time and per phone model, but once your financing agreement with PayBright is confirmed, no change will be made to your rate.
    • To qualify for financing by PayBright, the minimum mobile phone purchase value must be $250 before taxes.
    • You remain in control: you can pay your outstanding PayBright balance at any time, without penalty. 


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    Fizzy explained everything perfectly. There is nothing to add.

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