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Right now, I’m in the hospital! I need someone who is ready to help me. I don’t know for how long I’d be at the hospital.

I have 8go for this month (I should be fine). Just in case. I want to give 1 go to someone and that the person give me 1 go back only if I need it! So you might win 1 go, lose/win nothing, or lose 500mo/1go depending on how much I’ll use this month.

thank you so much!

i don’t always have access to my phone. Please answer here and message me too just in case :)

*btw I don’t know how to select “best answer” if someone can tell me I’d appreciated it a lot!

** I’d probably won’t use 7 go this month (so you’ll probably win 1go! I just want to prevent myself to be in a situation where I can’t contact my family/friends on messenger). Usually I can’t use my phone so I use my tablet and take internet from my phone, because the hospital doesn’t always allow me to call/text (have my cellphone).

THANK YOU so much in advance!!!!! I’d never ask for a favor if I wasn’t in an emergency. I’m to shy to ask for help usually!


  • Fizzy
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    Hi Totoro,

    Hope you get well soon. While it's good to be prepared, you may want to focus on your health at least until you know more about the length of your hospital stay.

    If needed, you can also change your plan each month as needed to suit your needs. When is your next renewal date?

    Some things to know about your mobile data:

    • All data from your plan will rollover and remain valid for up to 3 months.
    • One can gift data only from your current month's data (rollover data or data from bonuses/upgrades cannot be gifted).
    • When data is gifted, the person receiving the data will have up to 2 billing cycles to use it.

    There's no need to give up any of your data now (as you may need it). When the time comes, you can return to the community hub and give us an update.

  • Justyn
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    Hey Totoro,

    If you reply to this message with your referral code I'll be able to send you some data using that code.

    Don't worry about sending me any. I have extra that I won't be using.

    In case you don't know how to find your referal code, you just have to click on invite friends in your profile.

  • StefanM
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    Hope you get better soon! All the best!!! If you need help, I am more than happy to assist you.

    ANJALI G. Posts: 8

    Hello Justyn,

    Do you have some data to spare? WIDTR is my referral code if you can give me some :) TIA

  • Faelirya
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    When you'll be in need, just give us your code ;)