my purchase today - urgent


I have purchased a sim card and package this morning and I forgot to include a telephone in my purchase. How can I get back to my purchase and add a telephone ?

Thank you

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  • Dgjf
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    You cana dd a phone later or just make and order. Anayay Fizz cell the phone there no plan link to a phone. Paybright do the deal if you want to pay the phone per month.

    Dont forget a phone is for 12 month.


  • Fizzy
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    Hi Mjy,

    Even if you have already activated a Fizz mobile plan, you can buy a phone from Fizz at any time.

    If you have purchased a SIM card earlier today, then you will receive it in a few days. Unfortunately the purchase of SIM cards cannot be refunded, but the SIM card will not expire and can be used by anyone.

    You will need to have a SIM card on hand to be able to subscribe and activate a mobile plan. Once you have your SIM card, go here:

    At any time, you can go here to the Fizz phone shop to purchase a phone.

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