20$ for 2gb on add on vs 33$ i you start from scratch.

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HI I I want to add 2gb of data on my mobile plan on the section : (ADD-ON) PRICE FOR 2GB IS 20$ + 20$ . I d'ont understand this overprice if I customize my plan starting from scratch it is : 33$ +taxes..... I really need explanation please otherwise I'll just create a new account and start from scratch and get the 33$ instead of 20$ for 2gb ....

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  • Dgjf
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    I dont understand your question. f you want a permanent 2GB update you need to change your plan an you will have the price from scratch no problem.

    An addon is a one time deal. You get the 2GB, use it and thats it its for rare occasion when you dont have anymore data.

    What are you trying to do ? Get 2Gb more each month or a one time deal ?

  • Zenthar
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    As @Dgjf said, the add-ons are for punctual needs, the idea was never for someone to buy them month after month. If you need more data, you don't have to create a new account, you can just change you plan (up or down as you need), but it will only be effective starting the next billing period. Having a higher price per GB for add-ons vs plans is pretty much the norm in télécom, Fizz is no different.

  • StefanM
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    Exactly, once you need 2GB additional data every month, then you should customize your plan. This is actually precisely the model Fizz encourages. The data add one are intended for occasional use in case you run out of data.

  • Clamarmic
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    The add-ons are there in case you don't have any more data from your monthly plan, hence why they cost more than the data included in a plan. You can simply go into your account settings and change the amount of data provided from your plan each month. You can always refer to the diagram in your dashboard page to know if the amount of data you have in your plan fits your monthly needs.

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