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Hello, I have a personnal fizz account for my phone. My roomate used to have the fizz account for our wifi. My roomate left and now I would like to join the 2 accounts under my name. It would be easier to manage the payments. How can I do this?


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  • Dgjf
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    I dont think you can your roomate will have to send the modem back.

    After that just start a new plan on your account and you will receive another modem.

    You can try the support but i dont think they do that your roomate is the one who are responsible for is plan an is modem.

  • Fizzy
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    Hi 1306

    Unfortunately customers cannot transfer a plan from one Fizz account to another.

    As mentioned, you can opt to cancel/unsubscribe from the plan you no longer want and create a new plan under your account.

    Do keep in mind that the Fizz modem and its return remains under the responsibility of the original subscriber.

  • StefanM
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    Contact support. They are able to create a new account for you and yo might be able to keep the same modem.

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